Big Horn Drive and Old Lohman Road Intersection

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Big Horn Drive was a two-lane asphalt road with ditches that was nearing its traffic capacity. The road also had a badly skewed intersection with Old Lohman Road. Expansion was necessary to accommodate current and future growth.


This project converted Big Horn Drive from a two-lane into a three-lane road with curb and gutter, greenways and a 5-foot sidewalk. In addition, it created a roundabout at the intersection of Big Horn Drive and Old Lohman Road to address traffic congestion, poor geometry and pedestrian access.

In the new three-lane section, the middle lane serves as a continuous dual left-turn lane to provide access to the 23 residential and commercial drives. While employing this typical section, considerations for improved storm drainage and driveway impacts were addressed using curb and gutter, inlets and storm sewers.

The roundabout design incorporate pedestrian access and safety for children walking to school bus stops, residents going to the gas station and those traveling to a neighborhood meeting place. Utility coordination was necessary for the entire project and included seven different companies to avoid conflicts and plan for future upgrades.


The changes provided additional traffic capacity, a safer intersection, storm drainage and pedestrian access on the corridor.

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