Big Horn Drive and Old Lohman Road Roundabout

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Big Horn Drive was a two-lane asphalt road with ditches that was nearing its traffic capacity. The road also had a badly skewed intersection with Old Lohman Road.


Bartlett & West coordinated complete engineering services, including topographic and boundary survey, traffic analysis, conceptual and final design, utility coordination, public involvement, easement descriptions and bidding services.

A roundabout was constructed at the intersection of Big Horn Drive and Old Lohman road to address the intersection’s traffic and geometry issues. Approximately 2,200 feet of curb and gutter, greenways and a 5-foot sidewalk were added to the project. The sidewalk on Old Lohman Road and the roundabout gave pedestrians a safe way to navigate the area. A third lane was added to Big Horn Drive as a continuous center turn lane, providing access to the 23 residential and commercial driveways along the route.


The changes provided additional traffic capacity and improved storm drainage along the route, while improving the quality of life and safety for those living along and navigating the road.