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Across the U.S. and around the world, regulations and the technology age are driving companies to consider new solutions and explore different options for how to capture, process and store data about their operations.

The rail industry has felt the effects of this trend in the form of positive train control regulations and the need for enterprise or system-wide data. Light detection and ranging technology, commonly referred to as LiDAR, has quickly emerged as a possible way to capture track information—and in some applications without the need to interrupt or affect daily train operations.


A custom, LiDAR-based platform was created through a joint effort of RJ Corman and Bartlett & West. These companies came together to develop what they call a CIM (corridor information modeling) Car. This proprietary solution can capture up to 500,000 measurements per second.



This CIM Car incorporates 360-degree LiDAR technology, an independent power supply and an on-board data center all within a typical rail car--thereby allowing the equipment to run in revenue and safely collect change detection and rail corridor data without interrupting track operations.

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