Unearthing information: Creating value through site due diligence

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Development projects are all about “location, location, location.” Therefore, due diligence is critical to evaluating the advantages and barriers of locations before the investment is made.


  • The questions to ask to get a valuable due diligence report
  • Examples of successes and pitfalls to avoid
  • Discussion of additional funding considerations and add-on services


Darron Ammann

Darron is a senior project manager and landscape architect at Bartlett & West with 22 years of development experience. Darron has been involved with various commercial, industrial and residential site plan developments, land use master plans, university or community college projects, along with numerous park and trail designs. He frequently works with clients early in the development process on site investigations, concepting and understanding client’s needs to maximize the value of their land, building or site assets.

Angela Sharp

Angela is a civil engineer and serves as a senior engineering specialist at Bartlett & West. She has 25 years of experience leading clients through most all aspects of their residential, commercial and industrial land development projects. Angela regularly assists clients with site selection, platting, zoning, sanitary sewer, water and street infrastructure design, site civil design and project permitting.

RECORDING TIME: 38 minutes


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