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Bartlett & West is committed to helping clients build stronger, smarter, more connected infrastructure. We invest in and leverage our own technology to solve problems and deliver innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

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Manhattan Tecumseh Quivera storm sewer drainage improvements
Bartlett & West led a design team, which included SMH Consultants, to develop a plan to decrease the excessive runoff. First…
Storm System Data Collection, Assessment and Web GIS
GIS, Asset Management
Bartlett & West collected more than 5,000 assets using mobile GIS data collection for Joplin. Each storm structure was…
Pima County RNG to Pipeline Facility Design
Wastewater, Renewable Energy, Design-Build
By partnering with Bartlett & West and Ashton Construction design-build time, Pima County decided to self-fund, own and…
Wind turbine design enhances science education
Renewable Energy
Bartlett & West designed a fully-functioning, 100 kW wind turbine adjacent to the Evergy substation located in the Kanza…
Water, Design-Build
The City of Meta needed disinfection upgrades to its water system. A design-build approach was utilized to quickly execute the…
Okmulgee Business Complex Map
Site Development, Rail Services, Funding & Grants
Okmulgee hired Bartlett & West to prepare concepts, compile cost estimates and help write the application for an Economic…
Sioux City Wastewater Treatment Biogas RNG Master Plan
Renewable Energy, Wastewater
Bartlett & West recommended improvements to an existing anaerobic digestion system, thus allowing the City to capture, clean…
Industrial site rail access engineering project
Design-Build, Construction & Survey, Rail Services, Oil & Gas
Bartlett & West provided design-build services for the infrastructure creation allowing rail and truck access to the site,…
Rail Long Range Project Budget Priorities Program
Rail Services
Project Ignition was an effort to take projects from the BNSF long-range plan and delivers a 10-percent design process to…
Asset management helps city plan long-term maintenance
Asset Management, Wastewater
To plan for financially sustainable operation and maintenance of its sewer system, the City of North Newton, Kansas, needed…
KSU Nichols Hall HVAC Improvements Help Prevent Disease Spread
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
Upgrades were required to Nichols Hall's decades-old HVAC system to comply with COVID-19 guidelines. The university needed to…
Lexington Water Tower
Water, Funding & Grants
Bartlett & West's assisted Lexington in obtaining grants to evaluate and improve their water system. 

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