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When it comes to project management, many variables can complicate processes. Having one point of contact through design-build services can help streamline those processes — particularly in the industrial sector, with high business demands and stakeholder interests.

Kalmar Industries Corporation saw value in this approach while planning to build a control track to test terminal tractors, which are used for tractor-trailer relocation within shipping yards and ports. The company turned to Bartlett & West for help with research, analysis, design and construction of the track at Kalmar headquarters in Ottawa, Kansas. The project involved several unique aspects, but the two solution-oriented companies collaborated so well that it eventually led to a long-term working relationship.

Technical specifications

Building a control track was outside the typical scope of work for Bartlett & West, so the process began with extensive research and analysis. By consulting with Kalmar’s own automotive engineers and specifications within the automotive manufacturing industry, Bartlett & West teams were able to design and build a track sufficient for Kalmar’s requirements.

The concrete track ran three-fourths of a mile, sufficient for testing tractor speed, braking, climbing, pulling and roughness. The private location was also safer, allowing Kalmar to avoid entering main traffic thoroughfares within the City of Ottawa. The unique testing needs required a manufactured 20-foot-tall hill and a cobblestone rumble strip area.

“The working partnership with Kalmar Industries Corporation has been an opportunity to grow our expertise and innovation even further,” said Casey Colbern, project manager. “The Bartlett & West team enjoyed developing innovative solutions for challenges that were unique to this specific project, while serving as one main point of contact from research analysis to design to completion.”

Site planning and utility coordination

As the basis for most construction projects, site development is one of the most frequently requested services in the industrial sector. For Kalmar Industries Corporation, this step was critical to accommodate the location downstream from the City of Ottawa’s drainage basins. Through stormwater modeling and pond modeling, Bartlett & West’s team ensured the test track could maintain functionality while withstanding potential water runoff. The project site was also home to multiple utility corridors, so Bartlett & West coordinated with local utility services to accommodate their needs throughout the design-build process.

“Kalmar Industries Corporation appreciated our ability to provide one point of contact throughout the life of this project, which allowed them to stay on-budget and complete the project faster than expected” said Jim Rinner, director of design-build services for Bartlett & West. “This was a great example of a successful project where creativity, flexibility and innovative approaches helped drive efficiencies and create a long-term working relationship.”

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