Maple Street Storm Sewer Drainage

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Date Completed


The City of Lawrence needed help designing a 90-cubic-feet-per-second (CFS) pump station and storm sewer system for an area of town that had previously experienced extensive flooding.


Bartlett & West performed an engineering study to validate a previous hydrologic study for the watershed and design a system to handle the 50-year storm flows for the project area. A new gravity storm sewer system was designed for a topographically-depressed area in north Lawrence. This gravity system fed to a new 90 CFS pump station and force main that fed into a second gravity system between the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and the Kansas River outfall. The force main was constructed under the railroad and Bartlett & West coordinated with the City and the railroad to obtain the necessary design criteria, permits and fees associated with the 48-inch storm sewer force main crossing the railroad right-of-way.


Through thorough planning and coordination with stakeholders and property owners in north Lawrence, a much more effective storm sewer drainage management system was constructed with minimal traffic disruption to the surrounding properties.

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