March 8, 2022

Bartlett & West receives two awards from the ACEC Missouri

KANSAS CITY AND JEFFERSON CITY, MO. - Bartlett & West was recently recognized by American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Missouri for their work on two projects. The Sidewalk Evaluation for the City of Kansas City, Mo., earned a Grand Award in the surveying category, and the Mineola Hill Climbing Lane completed for the Missouri Department of Transportation received a Grand Award in the transportation category.

The Sidewalk Evaluation for the City of Kansas City, Mo., (KCMO) project involved Bartlett & West providing inspection and GIS mapping services. Of the sidewalk inspected, nearly 52,000 data points were collected that met KCMO’s out-of-repair criteria. Bartlett & West provided project oversite, coordinated the inspection teams and data management. The team supplied the mobile interface, specified field processes, post processed the data and developed the mapping and data deliverables that were imported into KCMO’s cartograph system.

The Mineola Hill Climbing Lane project involved Bartlett & West acting as the lead design firm for the design-build project. This section of I-70 had been plagued by frequent traffic congestion and accidents due to a combination of steep roadway grades and heavy truck traffic. The Bartlett & West team took an age-old problem and found an innovative approach to the solution. Instead of the traditional climbing lane to the right side of the highway, the team designed a climbing lane to the left or median side of the highway. This allows the smaller vehicles to make the lane changes and the larger trucks to remain in the middle and outside lanes. Completed six months early in 2021, this project is anticipated to reduce accidents in the area by 42 percent, providing numerous benefits such as a smoother commute and less fatalities due to accidents.