March 25, 2021

Bartlett & Westers donated 2,100 of volunteer service hours in 2020

A cornerstone of Bartlett & West culture is volunteerism and serving others. Therefore, in 2019, Bartlett & West began encouraging its employee-owners to track all time spent volunteering. That effort continued in 2020 despite the pandemic.

While likely not all the time employees spent volunteering was captured, 58 different employee-owners tracked some amount of volunteer time in 2020—totaling 2,100 hours and averaging about 36 hours donated in the year per employee who tracked volunteer time.

Any employee-owner who volunteers a minimum of 12 hours per year is given the opportunity to direct a donation to the non-profit/501(c)3 of the person’s choice. The amount of that donation is tiered based on the total hours volunteered, with donation amounts ranging from $50 to $200. Thanks to the time tracked, Bartlett & West employee-owners directed an additional $4,300 in monetary donations to non-profits of their choice.

Employee Volunteers Leading Our Communities to a Better Tomorrow