November 20, 2019

GIS training and upgrade helps water district

In October, Tim Penfield of Bartlett & West trained staff from the Consolidated Public Water Supply District (PWSD) No. 2 on the use of ArcGIS Online for mobile devices. PWSD No. 2 serves the Layfayette, Johnson and Saline Counties in Missouri.

For years PWSD No. 2 had one desktop GIS license and one GPS unit. As PWSD No. 2 stated about the training and addition of ArcGIS Online, "Today was a big day for the employees. Tim Penfield was on-site for training on the updated GIS mapping system. This will be a great asset to the employees when completing daily tasks."

Since the training and upgrade, all staff have the opportunity to pull various maps up on their mobile devices, update asset information and capture locational information. Within the first week of use, operation benefits were realized when a new hire used the online map while responding to a work order request. PWSD No. 2 is also looking forward to improving the management of assets through the real-time data from this advancement.