Project Detail

BakkenLink Pipeline Project

Total Cost
$100 million
Date Completed
North Dakota


BakkenLink sought to connect multiple counties in North Dakota with a crude oil pipeline.


The overall project consisted of construction of an 8-inch and 12-inch supply and transmission system, approximately 100 miles in length from the Johnson's Corner area of McKenzie County to a newly constructed rail facility in Fryburg, ND. Bartlett & West directed the survey effort beginning with the routing and topographic survey, through construction staking and collection of final as-built data.

To staff the multi-spread project effectively during the construction phase, Bartlett & West called upon two trusted partners to supply additional manpower. This gave Bartlett & West the ability to adjust staffing levels on a weekly basis and ensure the client’s needs were being met without undue cost to the project.

Other services provided by Bartlett & West included easement and land acquisition, field engineering coordination, permitting and coordination with federal agencies to complete the NEPA process. To complete the large amount of easement and land acquisitions needed for this project, Bartlett & West used LandInsight to track and document the negotiation process in real time.


Thanks to the services provided by Bartlett & West’s own right-of-way team, the pipeline was completed without a single condemnation.

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