Project Detail

Kalmar Test Track

Total Cost
$2.1 million
Date Completed


Bartlett & West worked with Kalmar Solutions to design and construct a test track for the Terminal Tractors that are designed and built at their Ottawa plant. They envisioned a continuous loop track with a separate, steep grade ramp to test braking and pulling power and a cobblestone area for noise vibration testing. One of the specific challenges was that the Kalmar property is located where two City of Ottawa drainage basins converge, along with multiple utilities overhead and underground.


Bartlett & West was able to create a design that allowed for runoff to not be impeded upstream or downstream of the site but was still affordable to construct. Bartlett & West also coordinated with the City of Ottawa for the utilities they were providing to the site. The City’s overhead electrical feed for Kalmar had to be relocated due to the 19’ tall test ramp.


BW Field Services, LLC acted as the Construction Manager At Risk for the test track project. The work was completed, and Kalmar never lost power. Bartlett & West also coordinated with the City so that the water and sewer lines on site were not impacted by the stormwater design.

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