Project Detail

Operational Analysis completed for FM 369 (Southwest Parkway)

Date Completed


This seven-mile inner-city corridor spans multiple intersections and required comprehensive engineering evaluations to identify solutions to mobility, operations and safety issues and concerns along FM 369 in Wichita Falls. The corridor is noted for its adjacent city parks, schools/stadiums, mass transit and mix of residential and retail. 


The Operational Analysis recommended a $13M short- and long-term solutions package based on both the urgency to resolve an identified concern or problem spot and forecasted client funding. Each intersection was assessed for vehicular/pedestrian/Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) interaction solutions, both functionally and aesthetically. Non-intersection recommendations included signage, channelization and visibility, private/retail drive access, sidewalk repair, continuity and corridor walkability, and bike/trail accommodation and integration. The recommended open culvert closures would provide valuable space for trail links within this city nationally known as a bicyclist hub.


The Study’s holistic approach achieved a variety of multi-modal mobility solutions focusing on travel demand and traffic generators, reliability and connectivity, and optimal, safety-based traffic flow for both vehicular and non-vehicular patrons.

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