January 17, 2020

Bartlett & West tracked 2,675 volunteer hours in 2019

A cornerstone of Bartlett & West culture is volunteerism and serving others. In fact, the company’s purpose is written as, “Leading our communities to a better tomorrow.” Therefore, Bartlett & West wanted to acknowledge and reward the contributions staff is making to local organizations through volunteer time.

In 2019, Bartlett & West began encouraging its employee-owners to track all time spent volunteering. Of the time tracked, 14% was spent on areas of education, 15% on the arts, 31% on health and human services and 40% in other areas like coaching kids’ teams or volunteering at their church.

Any employee-owner who volunteers a minimum of 12 hours per year is given the opportunity to direct a donation to the non-profit/501(c)3 of the person’s choice. The amount of that donation is tiered based on the total hours volunteered, with donation amounts ranging from $50 to $200.

While likely not all time employees spent volunteering was captured, 94 different employee-owners tracked some amount of volunteer time in 2019—totaling 2,675 hours and averaging about 28.5 hours donated in the year per employee.

“Through this effort, Bartlett & West gained insights into how employees are living our value of serving others through volunteerism,” said Jackie Shufelberger, operations support manager. “We are proud of being a contributor to our communities in many different ways, it’s in our DNA, and staff volunteer time is another great example of how this piece of our culture is put into practice.”