December 16, 2022

Civil Associates, Inc. becoming Bartlett & West

Beginning January 1st, 2023, Civil Associates, Inc. (CAI), a Dallas, Fort Worth and El Paso-based engineering firm, will change its name and brand to Bartlett & West. More than two years ago, CAI joined forces with Bartlett & West. The firms have integrated various business aspects since then while maintaining the CAI name. After discussions with key stakeholders, the companies are taking the final steps toward integration.

Bartlett & West is a 100-percent employee-owned firm, founded in 1951, with offices throughout the Midwest and approximately 350 employees. The firm provides architecture, engineering, construction, technology solutions and other professional services to a wide range of clients. Bartlett & West serves local and regional municipalities, DOTs, water districts, rail companies, utilities, land developers, architects, private industry and other clients.

CAI, a Bartlett & West company, provides professional consulting services in the areas of project management, planning, environmental, civil engineering and design. CAI’s experience includes various transportation projects ranging from rural farm-to-market roadways to complex multi-level directional interchanges.