Project Detail

Manhattan Water Distribution

Total Cost
$4.5 million
Date Completed


The City of Manhattan needed to make improvements to Blue Township Water System in partnership with the Pottawatomie County Rural Water District (RWD) No. 1.

The RWD has experienced rapid growth on the outskirts of Manhattan and a moratorium had been placed on further development.


Bartlett & West constructed a new transmission main, booster pump station and an elevated composite water storage tank. The project included a mixing system in the elevated tank, oversized booster pump station for future pumps and a dual supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) telemetry system.


The project relieves the overuse of water rights by the RWD and allows for the moratorium on new development to be lifted, resulting in economic benefits for the City and surrounding areas. The project has also resulted in an increase of storage in the system, a direct benefit to growth and fire protection, further enhanced by the presence of a static mixing system which allows even more stored water without the loss of disinfection residuals. The dual SCADA system allows the City to control and anticipate water needs in the neighboring RWD while allowing the RWD to monitor the system.

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