Project Detail

Missouri Veterans Home Facilities Renovations

Total Cost
$2.4 million
Date Completed


The Missouri Veterans Home facilities needed mechanical, plumbing and electrical (MEP) systems improvements and had fire alarm systems that ere outdated and did not provide the detection and notification levels required by current regulations and codes.


The project involved an evaluation of existing MEP systems to determine systems requiring attention based upon factors like equipment age and operational status. After thorough analysis of the systems, Bartlett & West generated a list of recommended improvements within the project construction budget.

Recommendations included modification of three existing hot water systems and related piping to create a single hot water system which is more energy efficient and better protects against legionella. Furthermore, Bartlett & West replaced all the building controls and adjusted the control schemes for all HVAC equipment to provide a reliable and serviceable system for the facility.

The project included a new addressable system with additional detection and alarm devices. The nurse call system was also upgraded to provide increased staff calling and response capabilities.


The facility’s residents, staff and visitors enjoy a more comfortable and safer environment thanks to improvements to the MEP, fire alarm and nurse call systems.

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