Project Detail

Pagosa Springs Wastewater Conveyance System

Total Cost
$6.835 million
Date Completed


Pagosa Springs needed a new maintenance intensive wastewater treatment plant to replace the aged wastewater lagoon treatment facility that was no longer meeting effluent limits.

Additionally, the District has a wastewater treatment plant that was only treating approximately 600,000 gallons per day, which accounted for approximately 15 percent of use.


Rather than construct a new wastewater plant a few miles from a plant that was currently underused, the City of Pagosa Springs and the District decided to form a partnership. A 7.5-mile, 10-inch sewage force main was constructed, along with two pump stations that were used to pump the town’s wastewater to the District’s wastewater plant for treatment and disposal.


Pagosa Springs now has an efficient and cost-effective wastewater treatment solution with several emergency redundancy features, including a complete spare PLC controller, spare VFD that is set and wired for quick use, dual 100 percent redundant pumps and a backup level float system in case of a power failure.

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