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Storm System Data Collection, Assessment and Web GIS

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The tornado in Joplin, Missouri, was a lesson for us all. Having data collected, organized and accessible is vital to decision-making and to reducing harm to staff and infrastructure, especially during clean up after a natural disaster.


Bartlett & West collected more than 5,000 assets using mobile GIS data collection for Joplin. Each storm structure was identified, numbered and given an assessment for structural damage or debris within the structure or pipe. A picture was taken and linked to the feature. Pipe size and type were identified and all data was structured in a standardized database.

The data was published on a website for other consultants and staff to use for their projects. Customized reports were prepared to quickly deliver the information desired. More than 5,000 pages of record drawings were scanned and linked to their appropriate project locations within the GIS data.

Customized reports provided the assessment of damage, the amount of debris within the structures and any pipe connected to the structure. This data was published on a map to guide cleaning crews. The type of debris within each structure or pipe was identified to give the cleaning crews knowledge of the type of equipment needed to complete the work.


Bartlett & West helped the City utilize standardized database structures and created a revised submittal process that streamlines the development review process and reduces errors and the need to repeat work.

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