April 24, 2020

Nacelle Solutions engaged Bartlett & West for engineering services on US Gain’s RNG development at Clover Hill Dairy

U.S. Gain recently completed a gas processing facility at Clover Hill Dairy in Campbellsport, Wisconsin. The result is good news for the renewable natural gas industry, the environment and the farm.

Anaerobic digesters break down organic matter and, as the bacteria used in the process “work,” they generate biogas. The non-methane components of the biogas are removed in an upgrading process so the methane can be used as a fuel or energy source. The upgrade at Clover Hill Dairy was necessary to begin production of renewable natural gas (RNG), a cleaner and more desirable alternative fuel that reduces transportation emissions and ultimately, the end-users’ carbon footprint.

Clover Hill Dairy RNG plant in Wisconsin

RNG projects can lag anticipated timelines due to the number of complexities throughout the development process. Involving the best in the business was key to bringing the Clover Hill project online both on time and within budget.

A key partner to U.S. Gain in the Clover Hill project was Nacelle Solutions, an industry leader in developing gas clean-up equipment specifically designed for the RNG industry. Bartlett & West served on the Nacelle team as a key engineering partner, integrating various unit operations in the biogas upgrading processes into one cohesive, functioning process. This included responsibilities like preparing mechanical and electrical drawings, process design of ancillary systems and providing subject matter expertise on HVAC system design.

The Clover Hill project improves access to RNG for the transportation and thermal energy sector, but also benefits communities surrounding the farm. The digester will now capture 99% of methane produced during the production, significantly improving localized air quality.

The Bonlender Family at Clover Hill Dairy adds there are other benefits as well. “Since 2007, we’ve had a methane digester. For the past 13 years, it has provided us with many values including higher quality, safer manure for fertilizer, electrical production and a renewable bedding source for our animals,” explained Joe Bonlender. “By replacing our generators with the RNG system, our farm will see many added environmental benefits such as less noise pollution (from generators), cleaner air and less odor. Our business will also see an added income stream. Our family feels this partnership with U.S. Gain is a great opportunity for our farm and our greater community.”

Toy at Clover Hill Dairy farm