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Bartlett & West supplies approved stakeholders with railroad maps


With 32,500 miles of rail track, BNSF Railway’s network spreads across 28 states throughout the U.S. With that amount of infrastructure, it is no surprise that stakeholders, such as construction and engineering companies, are constantly looking for information about the railroad’s right-of-way in the form of maps.


Bartlett & West collects relevant information from the interested company and communicates that information to BNSF for review and approval. If BNSF approves the request, Bartlett & West pulls the needed information and provides it to the requesting person in the form of a pdf map.


At $75 each, the cost to the requesting person or company is minimal. Yet, the overall service of providing system maps to stakeholders helps enhance safety around railroad right-of-way without the requests distracting railroad staff from daily operations.

To request a map for your project, visit our BNSF Maps webpage.

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