Project Detail

DCCCA uses Bartlett & West on award-winning facility

Date Completed


DCCCA’s Family division needed a new modernized facility for operations. Bartlett & West proposed delivering fully-integrated services for their new facility—including planning, architecture, interior design, engineering and construction management all delivered through a design-build approach.

From the project start in Summer 2021, DCCCA stated their goal to begin operations in this new facility beginning January 2024. However, volatile commodity markets, supply chain and inflation concerns all challenged that timeline and the project budget.


To minimize timeline and budget challenges, the project team proactively evaluated material and equipment costs and availability. Notably, a fabricated steel metal joist primary structural system was selected over alternative materials that would have been viable options less than a year earlier. In addition, to keep the client’s priorities front-of-mind, DCCCA leadership and key stakeholders were engaged from the start and throughout the entirety of the project.


The integrated team’s capacity to provide services under one roof, ensuring comprehensive single-source solutions for DCCCA, was a key factor in selecting Bartlett & West for the project. By focusing on the client’s priorities and utilizing collaborative design development and construction processes, DCCCA realized the full value of this project. In fact, construction was completed in November 2023, in advance of their January 2024 milestone.

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