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Utility Operator Staffing Support


Municipalities often face the daunting task of finding qualified and certified operators for their drinking water and wastewater systems. State certifications and licenses are a must for both water and wastewater operators, which adds to the complexity of the hiring process. Sometimes, the need is temporary, requiring interim assistance while searching for a permanent operator. Other times, a long-term vision is necessary to ensure continuity and compliance. Changing technologies or regulatory pressures sometimes lead to facility enhancements or expansions that are new to the operations staff and sometimes a need to upgrade state certifications.


Bartlett & West Operations, LLC, a subsidiary of Bartlett & West, Inc., steps in to bridge this gap with a team of certified operators. Our professionals are equipped to handle day-to-day operations, regulatory reporting, compliance, operating decisions, adjustments, routine and emergency tasks, water/wastewater sampling, inspection and corrective actions, maintenance, after-hours remote supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system monitoring, troubleshooting and operations training.  We also specialize in writing standard operating procedures tailored to each client's unique needs. Our track record includes both interim and permanent operations for a variety of systems. These encompass drinking water plants, municipal facultative lagoon systems, non-discharging irrigation systems, aerated lagoons, recirculating sand filters and more complex activated sludge processes such as oxidation ditches and sequencing batch reactors. Additionally, we manage renewable natural gas generation from a municipal wastewater plant.


The value we bring to our clients is multifaceted. By providing immediate, qualified operational support, we ensure that municipalities can maintain their service standards without interruption. Our adaptable approach means that each client receives a customized service package, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our extensive experience across a diverse range of systems demonstrates our capability to manage any scenario, from the simplest to the most complex. With Bartlett & West Operations, LLC, municipalities can trust that their water and wastewater systems are in expert hands, allowing them to focus on serving their communities with confidence.

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