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Bartlett & West is committed to helping clients build stronger, smarter, more connected infrastructure. We invest in and leverage our own technology to solve problems and deliver innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

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optimize traffic flow and safety in an area with heavy truck traffic
Transportation, Design-Build, Safety
Missouri Department of Transportation needed to optimize traffic flow and safety in an area with heavy truck traffic which often…
Industrial site rail access engineering project
Design-Build, Construction & Survey, Rail Services, Oil & Gas
Bartlett & West provided design-build services for the infrastructure creation allowing rail and truck access to the site,…
Kennett MO Wastewater Treatment Plant Engineering Design Build
Wastewater, Design-Build
The City needed to improve its wastewater treatment facility to meet the more stringent ammonia limits set forth by the EPA.
Kalmar Industries test track
Design-Build, Construction & Survey, Environmental Planning
Bartlett & West worked with Kalmar Solutions to design and construct a test track for the Terminal Tractors that are designed…
Water, Design-Build, Safety
The City of Meta needed disinfection upgrades to its water system. A design-build approach was utilized to quickly execute the…
Pima County RNG to Pipeline Facility Design
Wastewater, Renewable Energy, Design-Build
By partnering with Bartlett & West and Ashton Construction design-build time, Pima County decided to self-fund, own and…
Kansas Avenue
Design-Build, Construction & Survey, Transportation, Stormwater
Bartlett & West led the installation of full-depth pavement, sidewalk, storm sewer and waterline replacement. Additional…

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