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Bartlett & West is committed to helping clients build stronger, smarter, more connected infrastructure. We invest in and leverage our own technology to solve problems and deliver innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

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GAC filtration project purifies water, removes PFAS chemicals
Water, Safety
Bartlett & West designed a PFAS removal system for a water utility. 
Manhattan Water Distribution
Bartlett & West constructed a new transmission main, booster pump station and an elevated composite water storage tank. The…
Southwest Water Authority GIS Services
GIS, Water
ESRI-based GIS project that included many customized tools to manage and display the GIS datasets.
Graphic of street with pipes underground and text that reads "Lead-Free SD"
Public Information, Water
Bartlett & West led a team to develop a statewide awareness campaign, communication and education tool kit, customer survey…
The North Rapid Booster Station provides potable water to a large section of north Rapid City.
Watford Water Tank Repairs and Recoating
Water, Construction & Survey
Watford City had two existing one-million-gallon, welded steel ground reservoirs with coating systems near their end of useful…
ductile iron subaqueous pipe
Due to age of the existing lake crossing 6” main, a 12” subaqueous water main needed to be installed parallel to the existing…
Froid Frac Water Supply
Oil & Gas, Water
Bartlett & West designed the facility for the City of Froid, including civil site, pipeline design and survey services. Major…
Mid-Dakota Rural Water System Expansion
Mid-Dakota partnered with Bartlett & West to formulate a treatment plan. Through a Value Engineering study, the parties…
Lexington Water Tower
Water, Funding & Grants
Bartlett & West's assisted Lexington in obtaining grants to evaluate and improve their water system. 
Water, Design-Build, Safety
The City of Meta needed disinfection upgrades to its water system. A design-build approach was utilized to quickly execute the…
Improved Operations and Maintenance Planning
Asset Management, Water
Consolidated Water of Boone County wanted better data in order to serve its clients better.

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