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Bartlett & West is committed to helping clients build stronger, smarter, more connected infrastructure. We invest in and leverage our own technology to solve problems and deliver innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

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Greene County Bridge Replacement Engineering
A two-span, widened bridge with MSE walls at each abutment, set back 30 feet to eliminate the need for shoulder guardrails, was…
Nationwide permitting expedites bridge engineering and construction
The floodplain posed environmental conflicts and limited potential design solutions for two Smith County replacement bridges.
Protecting wetlands during highway relocation and expansion
Environmental Planning, Transportation
The 1982 US 82 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) analyzed the impacts of relocating the existing two-lane US 82 from US…
Hybrid bridge design leads to significant savings design engineering
While rehabilitating a 50-foot-long, two-lane bridge over Lorean Branch, the City of Hurst needed to balance replacing the…
Roadside LiDAR
Since 2014, Bartlett & West has partnered with MoDOT for the annual statewide survey, which uses mobile and aerial Light…
Wanamaker Road Corridor Construction Design
After collecting traffic and signalization data, Bartlett & West worked with the Kansas Department of Transportation to…
Spring Lake Highway Grade Raise
Work included materials testing and compliance with the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) specification book. The…
Road design improves storm drainage and resilience
Road design improves storm drainage capacity and increases soil stabilization.
Relief route build alternatives to analyze and minimize environmental impact on US 377
Environmental Planning, Transportation
To relieve US 377, the CAI Engineering Team developed five conceptual relief route build alternatives which included cross…
Missouri roadway with mobile LiDAR data overlay
Construction & Survey, Transportation
The MoDOT statewide aerial and terrestrial LiDAR program lead by Bartlett & West was recognized with an ACEC Missouri Grand…
Bella Vista Bypass will complete Interstate 49
Missouri Department of Transportation was ready to resurrect old plans for Bella Vista Bypass to complete the final five miles of…
LiDAR survey of bridge bank
Transportation, Construction & Survey
Bartlett & West established a base survey for reference against future movement and erosion of the north bank of the Chief…

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