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Bartlett & West is committed to helping clients build stronger, smarter, more connected infrastructure. We invest in and leverage our own technology to solve problems and deliver innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

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Kennett MO Wastewater Treatment Plant Engineering Design Build
Wastewater, Design-Build
The City needed to improve its wastewater treatment facility to meet the more stringent ammonia limits set forth by the…
Pima County RNG to Pipeline Facility Design
Wastewater, Renewable Energy, Design-Build
By partnering with Bartlett & West and Ashton Construction design-build time, Pima County decided to self-fund, own and…
Sanitary Sewer System Condition Assessment and GIS System
GIS, Wastewater, Asset Management
Bartlett & West was the subcontractor for Ace Pipe Cleaning, responsible for building the GIS website for Shawnee County. The…
Wastewater UV disinfection system reduces energy consumption and increases flow capacity
Updates to UV disinfection and surface aeration systems have reduced energy consumption and operator input while increasing…
Asset management system drives utility data-sharing
Asset Management, Wastewater, GIS
Carrollton Public Works experienced challenges when managing their sanitary sewer assets in the field. There was little…
Oakland WWTP Biogas Renewable Energy Facility
Wastewater, Renewable Energy
Bartlett & West led a team of consultants in taking a holistic approach to analyzing the biosolids disposal process at the…
Pagosa Springs Wastewater Conveyance System
Rather than construct a new wastewater plant a few miles from a plant that was currently underused, the City of Pagosa Springs…
Water Well House
Operations, Water, Wastewater
Bartlett & West Operations, LLC steps in to bridge this gap with a team of certified operators.
Asset management helps city plan long-term maintenance
Asset Management, Wastewater
To plan for financially sustainable operation and maintenance of its sewer system, the City of North Newton, Kansas, needed…
Fort Worth Wastewater Treatment Plant
Renewable Energy, Wastewater
Bartlett & West submitted a preliminary engineering report after completing a landmark study for the City, containing…
Coca-Cola Plant Wastewater Improvements
Bartlett & West evaluated wastewater treatment performance, identified alternatives and presented costs and benefits…
Oakland Plant
Operations, Renewable Energy, Wastewater
The City of Topeka needed ongoing operation and maintenance for a new RNG facility at their largest wastewater treatment plant.

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